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3 Great Benefits of Reverse Cycle Heating & Cooling Systems

ducted heating vs reverse cycle

With long, scorching summers and short, mild winters, Australia’s climate is one of the best in the world – but if you’re tired of steamy summer evenings and freezing your toes off on winter mornings, you’re probably looking for a small, energy-efficient solution to comfortably regulate your home environment. Here are some of the advantages of ducted heating vs reverse cycle and cooling systems.

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer

Reverse cycle heating and cooling systems keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, all in one simple, quiet appliance. They operate in a fundamentally different manner than a standard heating or cooling system. Instead of burning fuel to generate heat, the system circulates refrigerant via an exterior coil, capturing heat from the outside air and pumping it into your house. This process is reversed in the summer, so the refrigerant takes heat from the air within your house and pumps it outside, cooling your area. That’s how reverse cycle heating and cooling works.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

Nothing beats a warm residence in the winter or a cool atmosphere in the summer – until the energy bill arrives! If you want to keep your home environment beautifully optimal throughout the seasons while minimising your energy usage, a reverse cycle heating and cooling system is a much better option than a heater or air conditioning installation Brighton unit.

Even under extreme conditions, the technology employed by these systems  is much more energy efficient than typical heating and cooling options. They often deliver 3kW of heating or cooling for every 1kW of energy utilised. As a result, when traditional heaters and air conditioners are replaced with reverse cycle vs gas heating, most people experience a 30% reduction in energy consumption. These solutions are also ecologically friendly in other ways. They not only use less energy, but also generate less greenhouse gases than air conditioning and heating systems – just look for ones with the highest energy star ratings.

Capabilities for Zoning

These devices may also heat or cool certain areas of your house while leaving others alone, increasing energy efficiency and reducing waste. When you have a reverse cycle heating and cooling system, you never have to pay to heat or cool an area that isn’t in use. It also means you may accommodate diverse preferences, ensuring separate rooms are as warm or cold as the inhabitants want.

Better Air Quality

Reverse cycle heating and cooling systems also include cutting-edge HEPA filters that cleanse the air as it enters your house. These filters may capture small dust particles, pollen, and other allergens, making them perfect for those with respiratory problems such as asthma or seasonal allergies. They may help trap odors, ensuring that your house smells fresh and clean.

Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling in Melbourne that is both professional and affordable

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