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7 Common Mistakes that most online new sites make that make them look dumb

Nigeria's news websites

Today’s technology users immediately differentiate between a good and bad website. They’ll leave if it’s dull or old-fashioned. There are a lot of well-known websites with poor design, but they are special cases. Businesses must be extra cautious about their online presence. Creating landing pages, especially for a news website, is tricky in today’s highly competitive marketplace. If advanced skills or shortages are issues, creating a website for a smaller company involves big risks. The good news is that by following quality standards, you can avoid making common website design mistakes. So, today’s blog topic is “7 Common Mistakes that most online new sites make that make them look dumb.” Let’s see.

The misspelling

Always spell names correctly in Nigeria’s news websites or any firms. If you’re unclear, look the title up on reputed and influential news websites to see how it is spelled. Using the wrong name in an article could be seen as unethical. As a result, viewers can start to question the rest of the article.

Selected Images

When articles are posted on Nigeria news websites such as WordPress. The system searches for a featured picture. The featured image appears beside the link when such articles are shared through social media. It looks attractive to the news and websites too. Always set up the feature photos. If you don’t, inappropriate or unnecessary images can show up on the spot.

Genuine News

It is annoying and cheap to copy news stories from other journalists’ work. The method is normal nowadays in blogs. In the original research, explore the story by yourself or know everything and create your own opinion. It’s easy to copy or rewrite other works on the website.  But the information is messy. Also, plagiarism is possible. So, always write articles by yourself after that post on a website.


Clarity is vital in news stories. Being unclear is a typical and dangerous mistake. It is what it indicates when you’ve ever read a news article that appeared to be a thread that was breaking. So, every news story posted on the website is in clear sentences so that anyone can understand. Unclear news websites look dumb, and no one wants to follow them.

Use Wrong Phrases

Phrases are useful in news websites because they help use words. Serious news is not the place for this. A common mistake is the improper or unsuitable usage of vocabulary or phrases. Maybe it’s not how you think it is. It explains why a single misunderstanding in the news can hurt a lot of people.

Accuracy’s Price

Catchy top stories are suitable and attract the readers. It’s good for news websites to have engaging headlines. However, any title that changes the article’s perspective or that does not relate to the content tempts visitors to continue. So long as they are correct and accurate, they can be brilliant.


The news is like a morning breakfast for all. In today’s era where everything works on technology, Media has also changed their platforms to online. News channels or newspapers are also running online through news websites. People also have no time for everything, so they love to read the news online on different websites on their phones. Above, I mentioned the mistakes usually made by news websites when online.

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